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We want to sell you houses at deep discounts. That might seem crazy at first. You might be thinking, "These couldn't possibly be good deals because they would keep them if they were." These thoughts are only natural if you're in the business to fix the houses up and sell them or rent them. We just prefer to skip the work/time/hassles involved with having to fix up the houses that we decide to just bypass that part of the equation.

We find that we are better at finding great deals and passing those on to other investors to do the work. It's just what works best for us. When you let us spend the time doing what we're good at (finding awesome deals), you can spend more time fixing them up and making the incredible profits. It's truly a winning situation for both of us. What are you waiting for? Sign up to receive notification about great deals as soon as they become available.

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Our Team

Jason Izzi is the voice of LaPlace Transforms. He handles all of our incoming calls and online submissions. He is responsible for seeing if we may be a fit, setting an appointment, and answering any questions you have about the initial process.

Marisa Wallace is responsible for evaluating properties and repairs, attending appointments, and making offers. Her job is to try to find a win-win solution for sellers so that we can get them out of their current situation and on to the next one.

Lisa Arias is our Transaction Coordinator. She is responsible for handling the administrative process from this point through closing, acting as a liaison between you and the title company, as well as you and the LaPlace team. Her job is to make sure that all parties get to closing as smoothly and efficiently as possible. She will be your main point of contact.

Steve Smith oversees the sales team. We buy, hold, and/or fix a lot of properties. He ensures that we nail down the plan for after closing and will oversee any showings that need to be done to get us there.

Lisa Mullins is our Project Manager during rehabs. Her job is to run the construction side of the business so that we can meet our deadlines and budgets, and make beautiful homes for the next lucky owners.

Beka Shea is the owner of LaPlace Transforms. She oversees financing of the properties, running the (amazing) team, and trying to build a company that creates relationships by helping people (and also makes houses pretty!)

About Us